Course Safety & Etiquette


Warning: 12K runners have a tricky beach crossing (on the way out & on return). There are slippery rocks, narrow tricky passages, and sand — take it easy, and no passing on the rocks. Cross the beach like a ninja to avoid getting sand in your shoes, and watch your footing going up and down cliffs. Currently, this is the only legal way to get to the northwest bluff trails. The purpose of the Run By the Sea event is to legalize the better & safer trails. Here's another view that shows the running path clearly.

To keep yourself and fellow runners safe, please:

  • Do not wear headphones that will prevent you from hearing your fellow runners. The ocean waves will provide such lovely music that it'd be a shame to miss it!
  • Some portions of the run will have two-way running traffic, so please run to the right when you encounter runners going the other direction. And be sure to tell the out-bound runners, "You're almost there!" 
  • Remember basic trail etiquette: walkers/slower runners should start towards the back of the pack. Since the trail is narrow in places, be sure to move to the far right when walking/moving more slowly.
  • Check the weather, prepare for varying conditions — it often shifts between chilly fog and hot sun.
  • Sorry, no pets or strollers on the trail.
  • Please follow the instructions of any park rangers/staff, volunteers on the course, as well as signage.
  • Remember this is a state park; help make sure we leave only footsteps.
  • Please notice that there is a beautiful wide dirt road alongside the railroad track that is currently not legal to use. Then remember that in addition to having a lovely run, your participation is helping to make it possible to open this area for runners and others, hopefully as soon as 2018!

First Aid

First aid kits are available at all water stations and at the registration area. Additionally, lead volunteers and the park ranger on duty has radios. In the case of emergency, contact someone with a radio and dial 911.